Three Quick Digital Shots

I shoot mostly film.  My DSLR is awfully forlorn on its shelf these days.  I have tried taking it out for walks but I just can’t get into it.  I guess that’s the difference for me.  I can shoot dozens of rolls of film and be happy with most of the results whereas I can shoot with my DSLR and be mostly disappointed.   I love the look and feel of film and I don’t see the point in spending hours at the computer editing a digital shot to get something that emulates film.  I guess that’s why I’m also drawn to Hipstamatic and Instagram.  I take the picture and I’m done.  This doesn’t make me a lazy photographer.  Film by it’s nature makes you more patient, more aware of your surroundings.  Every shot counts.  Most of the work is done before you press the shutter.

I’m not poo-pooing digital photography at all.  Some of the best shots I’ve ever taken were on a digital camera.  I’ve sold more prints from my digital shots than my film shots. It just took longer to get the finished product with the digital and that’s part of the reason I dove back into film whole heartedly.

People ask why I shoot film.  This is my answer: You might as well ask an artist why they use watercolour over acrylic paint.

If you are still reading, you are probably wondering why I named this article ‘Three Quick Digital Shots” when all I’ve been doing is defending my personal choices to people I’ve never met. Here’s why.

I borrowed my son’s Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH2 that we bought him for his birthday a couple of years ago.  It has a ‘pinhole’ setting that I thought was rather cute.  I took it on one of my walks and took a few shots with it and was pleasantly surprised with the results.  Proving, I guess that the best camera is the one you have with you.



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