Konstrukting a Konstruktor

First of all, I’d like to apologize for not posting nearly enough. It seems I’m always out shooting (which is good) but I never seem to find the time to post (which is bad).

Over the last few months, I’ve added a few new cameras to my collection and this is my attempt to start discussions about them. Without further ado, I’d like to talk about the Lomography Konstruktor, a new build it yourself SLR.

As soon as I heard about this camera, I knew I wanted one. I ordered it the day it was released and waited impatiently for it to arrive…

After waiting for delivery, my kids and I sat down to build it. It took us just under two hours and very little frustration. We took turns building different sections.

I loaded it with a roll of 800 ISO film and started shooting the next day. The camera comes with a Detachable 50mm f/10 Lens and has a fixed Shutter speed of 1/80s with multiple exposure capability.

The viewfinder takes a bit of getting used to but if you’ve shot with a TLR in the past, you’ll soon get the hang of it.

I spent the next couple of days running around with the camera, not worrying so much about composition but seeing how the lens performed. Like most plastic lens cameras I’ve used, distance shots weren’t focused well,

midrange shots were better,

but up close is where this lens really shines.

If you’d like to see the rest of the album, it is on my Lomohome.

I’ve also shot a roll of B&W 400ISO through it. Here are a couple of shots from that roll. It was a really bright hot day. Some of the shots seem over-exposed but that might have been an error on my part when developing, or the shutter speed and fixed aperture may have played a roll.

Over all, I’m quite pleased with is little camera. I’ve already finished another roll and have started on a fourth. I’m looking forward to seeing the results. They will be available for viewing on my Lomohome when uploaded. Warning! I post all my film photos there, even the bad ones.

Shoot film? Used a Konstruktor? Think I’m terrible? Please feel free to comment below. I’d love to here from you.



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