It’s a Funny Old World (part one)

Hi everyone. It’s been a while; July was the last time I posted. I’m not very good at consistency it would appear. I’m going to try using NaBloPoMo, National Blog Post Month to get me back in the habit of writing.  Here goes….

I’ve been contemplating buying an Olympus XA for a few months now and finally decided to take the plunge.  I went through the usual frustration of getting outbid on eBay and one day after the heart racing ‘please don’t outbid me in the last two seconds’, I found myself as the proud owner of a near mint (according to the seller) Olympus XA.  As I type, I’m still awaiting delivery.

So why did I title this post as I did?  The world is often throwing curveballs at me.  I took my son to a local thrift store to get some accessories for his halloween costume…

Handsome Caeridd

While he was picking out his fine suit jacket, I went and had a look at the cameras and buried in the mess, hidden in a camera bag was this…

Olympus XA

Yes, It’s an Olympus XA.   The same camera I recently purchased on eBay.  It’s not in great shape but it appears to be working.  I’m just about through my first roll in it.  Hopefully I’ll be pleased with the results.

And that is why this post is called It’s a Funny Old World (part one).

Part two tomorrow is almost as cool.



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