Patience, Read the Instructions…

As you may know, I was super excited about my new Instax Mini 90 Camera.IMG_2597
I’ve been shooting instant film off and on most of my adult life.  Who needs to read the instructions?  Set the mode and go. Right?

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Not quite.  I wasn’t very thrilled with these.  Maybe the camera was over-hyped.  Maybe I should read the instructions and remember some basic rules of photography.

Better.  Maybe I should check online and see if there are any hints or tips..

Better still.

I’d like to pause for a moment.  I like most of the photos I take.  I don’t very often love them.  I assume that’s probably a good thing.  To be honest, I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately and haven’t really liked much of anything I’ve done. That happens and I’m not looking for sympathy, I’ve filled my time looking at other photography blogs and sites. Just enjoying what’s out there. Perhaps I’ll find inspiration that way.

Last night I took the photo below. I have to admit that something happened to me as I looked at it for the first time that has never happened to me before. I actually said “f**kin hell” as I looked at it. I love it. It’s not the best photo that’s ever been taken, I realize that. I also know that some of you might look at it and think ‘meh’ and that’s ok. It’s taking shots that evoke type of response in the photographer and hopefully the public is what makes this worthwhile.


Instax Mini 90 Roll 1-6


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