Magic Hour and DST

Oh Alberta… For that matter, Oh North America.  I love Daylight Savings Time.  Especially in November and December.  I live far enough North that the average person can drive to work in darkness, work in their offices in daylight and then drive home again in darkness.  How is that helping anyone?  Luckily for me, I work mostly from home and I can actually enjoy the daylight.

Us photography folk practically worship Magic Hour, the first and last hour of daylight on any given day.  I generally get wrapped up in what I’m doing and would forget about this time of day on a regular basis if it weren’t for the handy app I have on my phone.  Today I checked my phone and this  was what I saw.

Magic Hour

Um… 4:02PM.  Ouch.  Luckily the weather was nice(ish).  I contemplated going for a walk but I was busy dusting my camera shelf so instead, I popped out back and took this shot.


The light was truly amazing.  Not bad for only roughly nine hours of daylight this time of year.


P.S. I don’t actually love DST.  I think it’s a bit ridiculous.


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