Urban and Rural Ruins.

Every so often, they appear in the social media feeds.  The Explorers of Urban Decay, fearlessly traversing the ruins of our time in cities all over the world.  The pictures are often stunning, evoking a mixed sense of tragedy and wonder and often in this photographers mind, jealousy.  How I wish I could go to these places and explore them.

I live in the land of abandoned farm houses and I have had the pleasure of exploring a few over the years.  But nothing as wonderful as old theatres in Philadelphia, or some of the colossal ruins of Detroit.  How about Singapore? They even have a Facebook page 😉  This site is a great resource for urban exploration, I could spend days perusing it’s pages and pictures. Here is a great article on the subject with numerous links to other sites.

But I want to go play.  I want to take my small arsenal of cameras and shoot, shoot, shoot.  Panorama, Square, 360 degree views.  I want to do it all.  Maybe when my kids are older if I’m still limber enough, I will.  But for now I have the internet and my sense of wonder.

And a few pictures of abandoned farms of my own…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These were taken in 2009 with my Nikon D40.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These were taken in 2010 with various film and digital cameras.

These we taken this summer with my Nikon N75.

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