Why I shoot film

It’s a question that gets asked a lot in the photography world.  There are entire websites whose comments are filled with people on either side of the analogue vs. digital camp.  At the end of the day it’s about personal preference.  I’ve said it before, I shoot both formats.   I prefer the look and feel of film.  I don’t like spending hours in photo editing software and that’s my choice.  I would rather spend hours shooting.  I have seen many incredible images taken in both formats.  Could I always recognize a film photograph over a digital one?  Probably not.  But I do know from my personal experience with my own photos, I like my film ones best and before I got back into film, I spent hours manipulating digital shots to make them more film-like.

So if we agree it’s about personal preference, we can move forward and enjoy each photograph for its own beauty.  Below are three photos I took within a week of each other at different times of the day at one of my favourite places to shoot in Edmonton.  It’s hard not to take a good picture from this vantage point.  Two are film and one is digital.  I know which one I like the best. You will make up your own mind about which one you like.  That’s the beauty of any art.

Olympus Trip 35 Roll 3-15
Taken with an Olympus Trip 35 using generic 200 ISO film.
I really like the tones of this. For a camera made in the ’80s, it is in great shape.
Sprocket Rocket Aug-Sept 2013-10
Taken with a Lomography Sprocket Rocket using generic 400 ISO film
What can I say, I love sprockets 🙂
Taken with a Fujifilm X20 ISO 640
The Fujifilm X20 has got to be the first digital camera that I picked up that I enjoy shooting almost as much as my film cameras.

These shots are in no way an honest comparison.  I like each one for different reasons as I hope you do.



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