Oh, so you’re a web developer…

… said the man with a smirk as I poured him a drink at 10:00PM on a Saturday night.

My lack of ambition has served me well.  Yes, at 42 years of age, I still tend bar on weekends.  I also freelance web development projects.  I’m also a proud parent of two teenage boys.  I also take lots of photographs.

Please smirking man, don’t judge, and I won’t judge you on the fact that you are alone in a bar on Saturday night at 10:00PM.

We all have stories to tell and lives that are lived outside of where we see each other.  It’s a big old world and your universe shouldn’t end at the tip of your nose.

Just saying.

Besides, working in said bar allows me time to play with long exposure mode with my Fuji Instax Mini 90

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