Save The Day

So, I thought I’d combine a few of my favourite things for the upcoming 50th anniversary of Dr. Who; film photography, double exposures, and of course, the Dr himself.

Careful son. There's a Tardis materializing around you.
Careful son. There’s a Tardis materializing around you.

As I live nowhere near the U.K, don’t know anyone who works at the BBC, and some of the actors have passed away; I had to use action figures for the first part of my plan.  I shot a roll of film with poses of my Doctors, rewound it, and went for a walk shooting the roll again.

Awesome idea, right? As usual, fate has attempted to bugger me.  The macro function on my lens had a mind of it’s own (or my eyesight is going). I had an issue when developing the roll. It seems to have stuck to itself in the canister which almost ruined a few of the shots.  I managed to salvage these shots but they didn’t work out nearly as well as I’d hoped they would.

Without further ado, here they are.

Save the Day.



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