I’m going to talk about film photography again…

…but I’m going to post a digital picture.

You hear a lot of film photographers talking about how film photography makes you patient. You only have a limited number of shots at your disposal. You are constrained by the films ISO, and you can’t instantly review your shot to see if you need to take it again. So naturally, you are more careful with your settings and choice of shots. I would agree that this is better for you as an artist and it is one of the reasons I shoot film in the first place.

Lately, I have found myself drawn back into digital photography a little bit not because I’m giving up I’m film, far from it. It’s that I found I was becoming lazy. I was letting my camera do too much of the work. I was afraid of manual mode. So I set a challenge for myself. If the camera had a manual mode, I would use it. Auto mode was to be banned. So I grabbed my DSLR and started shooting. Relearning all I had let go.

The great thing was that because I shoot mostly film, I carried some of those habits over with me. I set the ISO, I made myself take a limited number of shots and most importantly, I wouldn’t let myself look at the shot after I’d taken it.

Being used to film and generally not seeing the results for a few weeks, I didn’t even bother to look at the shots until well after I’d taken them. I try very hard not to process my images too much if at all, so no Photoshop or any touch ups of any kind. I’m trying to let the picture speak for itself.

So yesterday I finally looked at the shots. This one really stood out to me.

Autumn in Sherwood Park
Taken With a Nikon D3100

I’d like to think that I’m happy with this digital shot because I shoot film. I shot it as if it were film.



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