Apparently I’m Frugal With Film Developer.

Which is rather strange considering the amount of money I spend on film and cameras.  I won’t bat an eye when I’m told a certain roll of film costs $20.00 or that one roll of slide film costs $15.00 just to develop, but I’ll try and squeeze the life out of 500ml of developer.  Which means I usually end up with shots that look like this.

Diana F+ Glass Lens 4-5

If only I’d not stretched the developer, I might have ended up with a decent shot.  Instead I’ve got this cloudy mess.  Time to rethink things.

Here are some more shots from two rolls too many in the developer that turned out OK all things considered.

All shots taken with my Diana F+ with the new 75mm glass lens and Ilford HP5 film (which I’m rather fond of, if you hadn’t noticed).



4 thoughts on “Apparently I’m Frugal With Film Developer.”

      1. I didn’t use mine that much either until I got the glass lens, now I take it everywhere. You should definitely get one. The price is right and I think you’ll do wonders with it. Cheers!

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