My light leak luck streak is at an end.

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post. It’s so easy to get lazy and convince myself that I’m too busy to write a quick post. Bad John.

I’ve posted quite a bit about the glass lens for the Diana F+ camera. I’ve burned through a few black and white rolls of film and have been super impressed with the results. I don’t shoot much medium format colour film, that’s partially by choice and partly because where I live, it can take up to four weeks to get a roll back from the lab. I do my own B&W processing at home in my kitchen sink but that’s another story. I have developed colour film at home in the past and it’s really just as easy as black and white but I haven’t had a chance to replenish my supplies (read lazy).
On my recent trip to Las Vegas, I decided to try a roll of Lomo Xpro 200 colour film and this is where my light leak luck streak came to an end.

Diana F+ Glass Lens Roll 6-10
Anyone who has shot with a Diana can attest to the sometimes frustrating occurrence of light leaks. In my experience, a majority of these leaks occur when you are changing the roll as the Diana doesn’t seem to pull the rolls tightly enough so you end up with a loosely wound roll sometimes referred to as a “fat roll” (charming). To combat this, I have gotten into the habit of firmly holding the roll in place when loading. I’ll try to remember to document this properly next time I load the camera.
Diana F+ Glass Lens Roll 6-11
I’m not terribly saddened by the light leaks as it does add a dynamic to the shots that wouldn’t normally be there. I’ve shot hundreds of photos in Vegas so this sets them apart from the rest a bit. Add that to the fact that as this was in Vegas and I was at least three beers and two Jell-O shots into the day, I mightve not taken as much care as usual with loading the camera….
Diana F+ Glass Lens Roll 6-12

I’m very pleased with how this next shot turned out.  I have a love/hate relationship with double exposures.  When they work, it’s one of those POW moments I’ve talked about before.  When they don’t, they just generally are too busy for my taste.  I recently read an article about a photographer who planned out triple exposure shots. He basically wrote a screenplay for how he wanted to capture them and used his DSLR to do the process in camera.  As impressive as his results were, I am too spontaneous of a shooter to even contemplate such a thing.  I shoot, re-compose, shoot again and hope it works.  I think this one worked.

Diana F+ Glass Lens Roll 6-9

Here’s a slideshow of the rest of the roll.  Overall, I’m pleased with the results.  The cross-processed film turned out a little dark considering how bright Vegas is.  It is entirely possible that I was shooting on the wrong setting as I was drinking most of the day 🙂 When in Rome as they say.



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