Views from the Roof(s)

It started innocently enough.  The photblogs and pro’s (and so did Robin Williams in Dead Poet’s Society) always say change your perspective.  Try looking at things from different angles. Put the camera on the ground, above your head etc. Anyone who has seen many of my photos know I already do this, it’s something of a mantra for me, something I’ve tried to teach to my kids.  Look at things from as many angles as possible. It opens up a world of possibilities.

I didn’t realize I was doing this until the other day.  Any chance I get, I go to the top of a parking garage and shoot.  At first I thought it was just chance but then I realized I had been doing it for a while.  When I took some friends on a tour of downtown Edmonton, I made them go to the top of a parkade. It’s strange because heights make me nervous.

I love the vistas and different views of buildings we see everyday and take for granted.

I really think it helps keep your perspective fresh.

And it’s fun.  Try it yourself.



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