A visit to Highgate Cemetery

This past October I had the opportunity to visit Highgate Cemetery,  a wonderful experience for someone like myself who loves wandering around old cemeteries.  It opened in 1839 and  was run by a private company. In the 1970s it was no longer profitable to run commercially and  nature took over…

But you can read all about it on the website.  I don’t want to risk plagiarizing them and besides, they need your support 🙂

I’m here (and hopefully so are you) to share my experiences that day.

In Victorian times death was celebrated in high society and families would spend fortunes on elaborate tombs and mausoleums that their families would picnic at.  Quite a few of them are in Highgate.

But I was more blown away by the overgrowth.  The cemetery was only shut for a short while but nature always amazes me with how quickly it takes over when humans leave things alone.

None of the picture I took that day really do the place justice. I tried but my memories of the place are far more vivid than any image editing program could ever replicate.  I am however pleased with the shots I chose to share.

Do yourself a favour and the next time you are in London, spend a few hours wandering around.  The West Cemetery is viewable only by guided tour and is well worth it.  On the East side, you can see the final resting place of these famous people among others.

All photos taken with my Olympus OMD EM10 and tweaked in Lightroom.



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