Punching cows, a bird named Kaley and getting close to Colin

Did I ever tell you about the time I had the honour of shooting a show for the Steam Whistle Unsigned series? No? Well I am now.

SW unsigned Oct 2015

Full disclosure, my cousin Matt works for the brewery in event coordination. He was coming to town for the gig and asked if I knew anyone who shot events. I showed him some of my previous work and he said “let’s do it”

We met at the venue and as all good family members and beer lovers do, we started to drink. Sadly, I had skipped dinner and the beer tasted really good (as it always does – shameless plug). Unfortunately this did not get me off to a good start and resulted in only getting one usable image of the nights opening act, Mr. Colin Close; a great singer/songwriter and a helluva nice guy to boot.

Alcohol and cockiness, while awesome at the time, are hardly ever a good mix kids. If you are reading this Colin, please accept my apologies and let me know the next time you are playing in Yeg and I’ll gladly come out and shoot the show for free.

Colin Close
After Colin’s set had ended and I checked my images and realized I had my settings all wrong on my cameras, I decided to slow down on the booze (good luck  with that).

After another pint or two, the next act of the evening, the talented Kaley Bird took to the stage and we were all enthralled by her performance.

I guess I was slowly getting my act together which was a good thing as next up was Cowpuncher; a spectacle best witnessed first hand for full effect. Hopefully my images captured the energy and entertainment of that nights performance.

Needless to say, the crowd was wowed and the Steam Whistle kept flowing.

At one point, the crowd was too enraptured to fill up their drinks.

All in all, it was a great night out with my cousin and I got to meet and see some talented performers. The SteamWhistle Unsigned series raises money for local charities and showcases some amazing talent, so the next time you see or hear of one in your city, get your butt there. Who knows, I might even be there behind my lens.



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