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I shot the Sheriff and this year I shot the Deputy

So there I was surfing the web when I noticed my good friend Ben had posted a query online about borrowing a horse for a photo shoot. Not having access to a horse, I ignored the request but wondered what the hell he was up to now.

I soon found out as a few days later,  I got a message from him asking if I could do a shoot for him with a horse. Intrigued, I promptly said yes. We organized the day and time and I eagerly awaited its arrival.

Ben is a Rep for Steam Whistle Brewery and every year the company produces the Steamy Men of Steam Whistle calendar which they sell with proceeds going to men’s cancer research. The calendar is usually hilarious and this years was to be no exception. 20160829-jwp_0401Ben is a bit of a cowboy and is well known throughout Alberta for his appearance and larger than life personality. This was going to be a blast.

The day arrived and the Steam Whistle Jeep arrived at my door. I jumped in and away we went.  The location for the days shoot was about an hour and a half away so we settled into the usual car trip banter.

About and hour into the drive we started discussing the finer points of the shoot. “I haven’t been on horse in a while…. I’m a country guy at heart… by the way, I’m gonna be buck arse naked”….

I’m gonna be buck arse naked.

Well, I was in the jeep, and we were almost there so I decided to roll with it (as any consummate professional would) and we carried on out to the farm.

We arrived after almost getting lost to a wondrous parcel of rural Alberta, been in the family for years type of place with a massive garage and acres of land to play on.  There was also miniature ponies.  I don’t think the day could get any more surreal.

We met the owner of the land and the nice young lady (and her dog) who had answered Ben’s query on Facebook regarding the horse, cracked a beer and proceeded to set up for the shoot.

We ran (I ran, Ben rode) all around the property and took many photos and had a great time.

Here’s the photo that made it into the 2016 calendar.
ben-taylor-adventures-11-2015-25Shortly after, Ben changed his name on Facebook to Sheriff and as business was steadily improving in Alberta, the company brought on Tyler to help him.  As Deputy, Tyler has done a great job assisting Ben spread the joy of Steam Whistle to the masses.

In August of this year, we went out to shoot Tyler for the 2017 calendar.  No sneak peaks I’m afraid but the calendar will be out soon so you can see for yourself what we were up to this year.

Ok, One sneak peak.


*Several cameras were harmed during the shoot.  A Fujifilm X30, a Nikon D3100  and a Lomography Horizon Kompakt.  No animals were harmed although Ben may have suffered long term injury by being naked on a horse in early November.*





Views from the Roof(s)

It started innocently enough.  The photblogs and pro’s (and so did Robin Williams in Dead Poet’s Society) always say change your perspective.  Try looking at things from different angles. Put the camera on the ground, above your head etc. Anyone who has seen many of my photos know I already do this, it’s something of a mantra for me, something I’ve tried to teach to my kids.  Look at things from as many angles as possible. It opens up a world of possibilities. Continue reading Views from the Roof(s)

My light leak luck streak is at an end.

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post. It’s so easy to get lazy and convince myself that I’m too busy to write a quick post. Bad John.

I’ve posted quite a bit about the glass lens for the Diana F+ camera. I’ve burned through a few black and white rolls of film and have been super impressed with the results. I don’t shoot much medium format colour film, that’s partially by choice and partly because where I live, it can take up to four weeks to get a roll back from the lab. I do my own B&W processing at home in my kitchen sink but that’s another story. I have developed colour film at home in the past and it’s really just as easy as black and white but I haven’t had a chance to replenish my supplies (read lazy).
On my recent trip to Las Vegas, I decided to try a roll of Lomo Xpro 200 colour film and this is where my light leak luck streak came to an end.
Continue reading My light leak luck streak is at an end.

My Love Affair with the Diana Glass Lens Continues

As you may know, I’ve been having a wonderful time shooting with my Diana F+ with the new Glass Lens.
I think I can make it official; we were made for each other.
This has to be one of my favourite photos I’ve taken of my youngest son in a while… Continue reading My Love Affair with the Diana Glass Lens Continues