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Konstrukting a Konstruktor

First of all, I’d like to apologize for not posting nearly enough. It seems I’m always out shooting (which is good) but I never seem to find the time to post (which is bad).

Over the last few months, I’ve added a few new cameras to my collection and this is my attempt to start discussions about them. Without further ado, I’d like to talk about the Lomography Konstruktor, a new build it yourself SLR. Continue reading Konstrukting a Konstruktor


Walking with my new Diana+ HBC Edition

Diana F+ HBCLast Year, Lomography teamed up with The Hudsons Bay Company, an iconic Canadian retailer to produce the limited edition Diana F+ HBC Edition.  I was recently fortunate enough to get my hands on one of theses beauties and I did what any self-respecting photo nerd would do.  I loaded it up with film and went for a walk. Continue reading Walking with my new Diana+ HBC Edition